Hair Braiding Consultation

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Which types of braids?

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3 strand single individual braids2 strands single/individual braidsCoil Braids
Corn Row/Cane Row BraidsCrochet BraidsFlat TwistLocs Extension
Sew-in WeaveTree Braids (Singles)Tree Braids Corn Row African QueenZip Braids

How long is your natural hair currently?

Hair Length Chart

How long would you like your braids?

Which type of commercial hair would you like to use?

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Human hairSynthetic (Kanekalone)BlendKinkyYarn

How do you like the volume of your braids?

FullnessNot so full

How long do you want your braids to last?

2-3 weeks4-6 weeks6-12 weeksOther, tell us

What is your budget?


Have you ever had braids?

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How often do you typically wash your braids?

Every weekTwice per monthMonthlyEvery 6 weeks

In which styles would you wear this style/type of braids?

Down all the timeUpdo styles most of the timeHalf up, half downBoth updo and down

What do you like about this style you've chosen?

Which color commercial hair would you like to use for the style you've chosen?

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Would you like the Ombre option?

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Where will you buy the hair?

Sankofa Braiding SalonSomewhere elseUnsure at this time

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