Our Policies


Sankofa Braiding and Natural HairCare, LLC. desires to create a safe and relaxing environment.  We implement specific policies and procedures that are non-negotiable, so our clients can be assured that they are treated fairly and respectfully.  This also includes the safety of everyone in the salon.


Profanity, smoking and alcohol consumption is NOT permitted on salon premises.  This includes in restroom areas AND in front of the building.  Food and COVERED non-alcoholic beverages ARE allowed in the reception and dryer areas ONLY.  Please keep our reception and dryer areas clean after eating.  Please help keep our restroom clean, notify us when supplies need to be replenished and remember to return the restroom key to the front desk.

As a courtesy to other clients, please keep all conversations at a low respectful level.  Cell phones are not allowed in salon service areas, but may be used in the reception and dryer areas ONLY.  Please keep all cell phone conversations BRIEF; and at a respectable tone, otherwise, you need to use cell phones outside the building.  A pay phone has been installed as a convenience for all clients.  Clients are not allowed to make or receive phone calls from the salon’s business phone.

Please do not remove hair attachments or extensions in the reception area (i.e., braids, weaves, ponytails, etc.)  No shoes, no shirt, NO SERVICE...clients must be fully clothed at all times.

Audio tapes and literature (books & magazines) located on our shelves are FREE for clients to take home to borrow.  This does not include hairstyle and/or retail catalog binders.


Consultation appointments are REQUIRED PRIOR to the first sewn, braided, interlocked or any other hair attachment service appointments.  An average 20 to 45 minutes.  Consultation appointments are first thirty (30) minutes and then range from an additional one (1) to fifteen (15) minute segment.  Example: 1-30 minute(s); 31-45 minutes; 46-60 minutes, and so forth.


For the security of all parties involved, we ask that if the client is age fifteen (15) years and under or disabled (mentally and/or physically) that a parent or legal guardian/custodian signs giving their consent to be serviced in our salon.  A parent or legal guardian/custodian must also be responsible for scheduling future hair care appointments.

Due to insurance liabilities, and with respect to our other clientele CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED in the salon unless they are being serviced.  Parents, please monitor your children.  They are to be SUPERVISED GOING TO RESTROOM and ASSISTED GETTING WATER.  We would regret requesting you not bring your child to the salon for future appointments.  This is a place of business, not a playground.  All children ten (10) and under, must have an adult present for their appointments.


Appointments are required for all of our braiding services. No more than three (3) appointments may be scheduled at a time by each client. A 30% deposit is required payable by the client at the time of the appointment being scheduled, and it will be applied to the total cost of the service once completed. We require a minimum 48 hours notice by phone, email, or in person to make changes to or cancel an appointment. Any no-show or a cancellation with less than 48 hours notice will result in the client's forfeiture of their 30% deposit.

Clients that are on time are our PRIORITY; clients who are late must wait. This includes clients that ARRIVE BEFORE and AFTER YOU.  If you think you may be running late, please call and confirm that your appointment time will still be available.

We ask that if the client is age fifteen (15) years and under or disabled (mental and/or physical), a parent or legal guardian/custodian is responsible for scheduling all hair care appointments.


Sankofa Braiding and Natural HairCare, LLC. gratefully accepts CASH, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS.  Personal checks are not accepted for a first appointment.

A 30% deposit is



Please let the front desk know if you are 55 or older to receive the 20% Senior Citizen Discount on hair care only (braiding not included). Discount can only be applied to the senior receiving the service, and it cannot be transferred or applied to anyone else or used to purchase gift cards. Proof of age may be required.

Discounts programs, promotional certificates, contests, coupons, savings vouchers, website specials, or any other form CANNOT be used in conjunction with each other or for prior purchases/services rendered.  All discount programs and promotions must be presented BEFORE its expiration date, at the time of redemption, prior to receiving services. Sankofa Braiding and Natural HairCare, LLC. is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN CERTIFICATES. (These restrictions do not include purchased gift certificates).  Discount programs and promotions, etc. will vary.  Please ask for details or check the website.  Referral Discounts (10%) do not apply to any of the above restrictions.


Please fill out ALL necessary forms ACCURATELY and COMPLETELY.  This documentation is a record proving you are a client and have had services rendered at our salon.  This is also for our salon’s insurance purposes.  We take our services rendered seriously.  Therefore, we expect our policies and procedures to be regarded in the same manner.  All information is held in strict confidence, and is only viewed by authorized employees/staff members of Sankofa Braiding and Natural HairCare, LLC.

All clients will be informed of the condition, quality, any disorders and/or damage found in their hair and scalp (if any).  In addition, of any hair care regiments the stylist recommends. Sankofa Braiding and Natural HairCare, LLC. as a whole or in part, will not be held responsible or liable if you choose not to adhere to these recommendations or acknowledge the analysis and condition of your hair or scalp.  We will NOT be held responsible or liable when clients choose to use products not recommended by our salon or have hair services rendered outside of our salon. Sankofa Braiding and Natural HairCare, LLC. reserves the right to take photographs during an appointment of the client’s hair and/or scalp.  Hair Analysis & Consultations are valid for ONLY thirty (30) days from signature date.  Our salon will not be held responsible for damage done by clients whom, on their own or within another licensed establishment, remove bonded or sewn wefts, braids, weaves or ANY other hair attachments/extensions.

Although we do not reveal our salon’s “exclusive” product mixtures or custom blended formulas, MSDS sheets are available upon request.  We DO NOT use products that are brought in by clients.

All client information and service procedures are confidential and/or private.  Only clients who are being serviced are allowed in the salon service area.  Please respect the privacy of other clients while they are being serviced.

It is important that your client records have correct and current information.  In the future, if your mailing or email address or any phone number has changed, please inform the front desk so your file is updated.

In the event of ANY emergency, we may need to contact someone for you.  Please provide the required emergency contact information.  Indicate any known adverse reactions to chemicals, cosmetics and/or allergies, medical conditions, etc. we should be aware of.  This information is vital to your safety in our salon.

All policies and procedures are established at the discretion of Sankofa Braiding and Natural HairCare, LLC. Our salon reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.  By signing and submitting your agreement, you are stating you have read, understood and agreed to Sankofa Braiding and Natural HairCare, LLC’s Agreement To Salon Policies & Procedures which are subject to change without prior notice.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our policies or procedures, please contact us.  Thank you.